Meet Alexandra Postelnicu

Alexandra Postelnicu
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“When I love something / someone, my heart opens, I feel love, and out of that the impulse to give back arises.”

-Alexandra Postelnicu

Alexandra Postelnicu

Meet Alexandra

Alexandra was born and raised in Romania. Since she was a little child it was her dream to become a doctor and heal others.

The Path to Becoming a Healer

She studied biology, and in 1999 started a PreMed program at Boston University. With time, she realized that there was another dimension to healing—the psychological.

Alexandra then joined the PsyD program in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). There she learned about the the spiritual aspect of healing, and became interested in the mind-body-spirit connection and how a person can reach a stage of wholeness and true well-being.

Alexandra Postlenicu

Awakening to Her True Purpose

In 2007 Alexandra participated in her first Awakening the Dreamer Symposium at Spirit Rock, California, U.S. It was an experience that changed her life. She woke up to a bigger reality and heard the call of Mother Earth. It was eye-opening and heartening for her to hear that she was not alone, but that there were many people working worldwide to bring forth a transformation. The Symposium also made her ask: what is my role as an agent of change in the world?

After this experience, Alexandra realized that her purpose in life was not to work as a psychologist, but to bring transformational programs to people so that they, too, can hear the call of their soul, and find their own creative way to contribute to the healing of our relationship with the natural world.

Alexandra Postlenicu

Raising Awareness Throughout Romania

After completing her program at CIIS, Alexandra moved back to Romania in April of 2011. Romania has the highest concentration of biodiversity in all of Europe and Alexandra felt that she had a responsibility to protect that for future generations. In September of that year, she started a non-governmental organization called Pachamama Romania to protect the local Apuseni mountains and to celebrate Romanian history and culture.

Pachamama Romania’s main goal is to help each person find their inner genius and creative driving force, and to help them use that in the service of the whole. They started by delivering awareness workshops on the importance of preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Romania. They also delivered the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium to communities in Romania.

Of the work that Pachamama Romania does, Alexandra says, “For me, it is the biggest joy to see even one person leaving our presentations in a state of hopefulness and possibility. This is what fulfills me.”

Pachamama Romania started to focus on a region in Romania called Rosia Montana, in the mountains where the Rosia Montana river flows. This area has major cultural and historical significance and is an important natural ecosystem, but it has been identified as having potential for mining.

With the goal of protecting this area, Alexandra and her organization started to raise awareness about the idea of Rights of Nature—that nature has rights like a person, and has protection under the law. Alexandra has taken this message all over Europe: in Bucharest, Romania; Brussels, Belgium; Athens, Greece; and Rosia Montana, Romania. And in 2015, she shared a presentation about Rosia Montana and Rights of Nature at the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris.

Alexandra Postelnicu

The Annual Marathon for Rosia Montana

In August 2013, Pachamama Romania organized a marathon for Rights of Nature when the Romanian Parliament was considering opening up Rosia Montana to a mining company. The marathon was a success and since then it has become an annual tradition.

At the first marathon in 2013, there were 40 runners and each year since, it has grown. In 2016, Constantina Dita, a Romanian Olympic athlete and marathon gold medallist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, ran at the Rosia Montana Marathon. In 2017, the marathon had 300 runners and 100 children plus their families, and it is now a three day event, bringing the message of rights of nature and the need to protect our natural places to hundreds of people.

Partnership with Pachamama Alliance

As Alexandra and Pachamama Romania work to raise awareness about protecting nature, and help people find their role in bringing forth a thriving, just, and sustainable future, they have found their partnership with Pachamama Alliance as a source of support and enthusiasm. They use Pachamama Alliance’s Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, and the Game Changer Intensive to create awareness and transform people’s lives. They’ve even used Pachamama Alliance’s work with our indigenous partners as a model for how to protect Rosia Montana. They are also going to lead transformational journeys to the region. And being a part of a community helps keep them inspired and committed every day to their mission.

Alexandra says, “The people that I have met from the Pachamama Alliance team and community have become good friends, mentors, role models—like John Perkins, Maisa Arias, Alexandra Mason. Those deep connections held me in the times when I was down, gave me guidance and support, and helped me move forward.”

“There is something magical in the Pachamama Alliance community. There is an energy that is supporting this work, bigger than our hearts or minds. Much larger than ourselves. It is a mystery that shows us that we are not in control, and this Mystery—the energy of Pachamama—is making things happen, the unexpected synchronicities. And when those happen, I truly feel alive.”