Meet Isabel Wisum

Isabel Wisum
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“Everyone has the right to live in a healthy environment.”

-Isabel Wisum

Isabel Wisum

Meet Isabel

Isabel Wisum is from the Achuar village of Pumpuentsa located in the remote Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. Isabel is a mother and wife, and is passionate about defending her people, their land and culture.

Isabel Wisum

Supporting Mothers in the Rainforest

In 2006, Isabel was part of the first group of women to participate in the Pachamama Alliance’s Jungle Mamas program to support maternal and neonatal health in the rainforest. She was trained as a Community Maternal Health Promoter and supported other women in her community during pregnancy and childbirth. By promoting safe births in their communities, the women of Jungle Mamas ensure healthy future generations of rainforest guardians.

Through her work with the Jungle Mamas program, Isabel has become a leader in her community and has made Achuar communities healthier.

A Leader of the Achuar People

In 2016, Isabel was elected as the first woman Vice President of the Achuar Nation of Ecuador (NAE). She is also the first woman to have a leadership position in the history of NAE.

As the Vice President, Isabel advocates for Achuar communities and territories, ensuring that their rainforest remains pristine and that her people have a voice in Ecuador and beyond. And, since she has been Vice President, Isabel has seen that Achuar women are now more empowered to participate in local decision spaces.