Meet Pamela Jay

Pamela Jay
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“My heart was on fire to be a part of the solutions.”

-Pamela Jay

Pamela Jay

Meet Pamela

Pamela was born and raised in Berkeley, California, U.S. and learned early on that we can each make a difference in our world. For 66 years, she has been a passionate advocate for nature, animals, and those from the human family that have been left out or cast out.

Pamela Jay

A Life Dedicated to Service

Pamela has dedicated her life to teaching community restoration in the social and environmental justice fields, with over 40 years of experience providing services for populations marginalized through culture or experience.

For 25 years she has created healing and restorative environments with Amity Foundation, an organization dedicated to the inclusion and habilitation of individuals, children, and families marginalized by homelessness, poverty, addiction, crime, racism, sexism, trauma, and violence, and committed to the research, development, implementation, and dissemination of information about Community Building.

Pamela Jay

Finding a Tool for Environmental Awakening

Amity Foundation was looking to add information about the challenges facing our planet to their curriculum. A close friend of Pamela’s recommended looking into Pachamama Alliance’s Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. Pamela felt so moved by the Symposium that she included it in the Amity Foundation’s school curriculum in all three states: New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

Since then, Pamela has delivered the Symposium to over 4,000 people in a wide range of places, including: behind prison walls; South Central Los Angeles, to gang-involved teens; and Native Americans embarking on recovery.

Pamela Jay

Looking Toward a Brighter Future

In October 2017, Pamela joined a 10-day Pachamama Journey into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest to meet and learn from the Achuar, some of the greatest stewards of our planet. She said, “Their pristine culture, wisdom and view of all life gave me incredible hope for our planet. I highly recommend this profound and life-altering immersion experience for everyone.”

Of her partnership with Pachamama Alliance, Pamela says, “Pachamama Alliance feeds my work through the approach of offering so much possibility, hope, inspiration, collaboration, support, and unique ways of seeing this global crisis as a profound opportunity for all of us.”

“My hope for the future is that many more organizations and people will continue to come together in partnership and friendship to move the hearts and will of the people to gather and transform our world.”