Meet Vince DiBianca

Vince DiBianca
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“What could be more important than protecting our planet for our children?”

-Vince DiBianca

Vince in the Forest
Vince in the Rainforest (Right)

Meet Vince

Vince DiBianca lives on a farm outside Princeton, New Jersey and has been working in Management Consulting and Leadership Coaching for over 5 decades. He advises CEOs and leaders of large corporations on how create unprecedented change.

Awakening in the Rainforest

In 2001, shortly after the birth of his first grandchild came the tragedy of September 11th. These two experiences deeply affected Vince’s sense of responsibility for our future. A few years later, Vince traveled with Pachamama Alliance to the Amazon rainforest to visit and learn from our indigenous partners, the Achuar. From that trip emerged a powerful new pathway for him to make a difference.

In the rainforest, Vince saw that the Achuar had a strong sense of responsibility for our future and operated from a profound interdependence with each other and the planet. He thought: why can’t that become the norm in the western world, too? He always wanted to help leave behind a sustainable and vital planet and a better world for his grandchildren and all future generations. But, in the Amazon he saw a new pathway. Vince became re-energized to help accelerate the nascent movement of business leaders committed to a world where business excels, people thrive, and nature flourishes.

Transforming the World

Upon returning from the rainforest, Vince immediately redirected his consulting firm—which had been open to a widely diverse clientele—to now focus on supporting leaders with a similar deep sense of responsibility for our future. He found fellow leaders who wanted to serve all stakeholders, and who were looking-out for future generations and the wellbeing of our planet. Many were innovators in alternative energy, non-toxic chemicals, advanced learning, healthy foods and leading-edge technologies.

By helping these leaders build their difference-making companies, Vince found his niche in helping to transform our world through business. He is deeply grateful to the Achuar, the Pachamama Alliance, his grandchildren and the emerging community of leaders who are inventing ways to do well by doing good.